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Hello Everyone

I am THOUGHT by The French Darjee.

I am Slow Fashion.

I am Sustainable.

I am Style with a Conscience.

I don't Pollute.

I don't Destroy.

I don't use Chemicals.

I use authentic manufacturing techniques.

I Empower the less privileged.

I Empower traditional artisans.

I Revive.

I give back.


The clothing industry is the second largest polluter in the world and its about time we took notice. We have to start asking questions. Where do our clothes come from, who makes them, what fabric is being used, were the workers treated fairly, what are their working conditions, do my clothes contribute to our deteriorating environment and biggest of all, What Can I Do ?

I have a long way to go in becoming completely green but I would love your support in my journey.

Thought By TFD


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